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Online-Issues » 1/2-2018

Sexual Offender Treatment, Volume 13 (2018), Issue1/2

Special issue: International approaches to sex offender risk assessment and management


McCartan, K. F.
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The sentencing and supervision of individuals convicted of sexual offences in Australia
Harris, D., & McPhedran, S.
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A Matter of Shared Responsibility: How Practitioners, Policy Makers, and Media shape Sex Offender Risk Assessment in Belgium
Uzieblo, K., Merckx, l., Vertommen, T., De Boeck, M., & Huys, W.
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Canadian Content, Context, Current Practices, and Controversies in Sexual Violence Risk Assessment
Olver, M. E., & Helmus, L. M.
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Understanding and managing risk of sexual offenders in Germany – A criminological success story or punitive hysteria?
Rettenberger, M.
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Sex Offences in Israel - Public opinions, Risk Management and Treatment
Shanee, N. S.
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Italian Criminal Justice System and Sexual Offending: An Overview
Xella, C. M.
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Attitudes towards sex offenders and their risk in the Netherlands
Smid, W.
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Risk assessment and management of perpetrators of sexual abuse in New Zealand
McCartan, K. F., with Laws, M-A.
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Risk Management of Youth Sexual Offenders: The Singapore Context
Ting, M. H., Zeng, G. R., & Chu, C. M.
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Sex offender assessment and risk management in Sweden: Adolescents and Adults
Birgersson, A.
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Risk assessment and management of individuals convicted of a sexual offence in the UK
McCartan, K. F., Hoggett, J., & Kemshall, H.
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Sex offender management practices in the United States
Schlank, A.
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