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Online-Issues » 1-2006

Sexual Offender Treatment, Volume 1 (2006), Issue 1





How to Establish and Maintain Security in the Treatment of Sexual Offenders

Friedemann Pfäfflin

Abstract | Article


Clinical and Research Limitations in the Use of Phallometric Testing with Sexual Offenders

William L. Marshall

Abstract | Article


Evaluating the Predictive Accuracy of Sex Offender Risk Assessment Measures on UK Samples: A Cross-Validation of the Risk Matrix 2000 Scales

Leam A. Craig, Anthony R. Beech, Kevin D. Browne

Abstract | Article


When Public Protection becomes Punishment? – The UK Use of Civil Measures to Contain Sex Offender

Terry Thomas

Abstract | Article




T. Langfeldt, K. Hermstad, R. Eher, W.L. Marshall (Eds.)
New Perspectives in Sex Offender Treatment

H. J. Salize, H. Dreßing
Mentally Disordered Persons in European Prison Systems [more...]

A. Stirn, A. Thiel, S. Oddo (Eds.)
Body Integrity Identity Disorder: Psychological, Neurobiological, Ethical and Legal Aspects

D. Dosio, F. Pfaefflin, R. Eher (Eds.)
Preventing Sexual Violence through Effective Sexual Offender Treatment and Public Policy