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Self-regulation and emotional experience: Preliminary findings in non-sexual and sexual offenders

Thomas Ross, Marķa I. Fontao
Forensic Psychotherapy, University Hospital Ulm, Germany

[Sexual Offender Treatment, Volume 1 (2006), Issue 2]


The functional role of self-regulation in sexually aggressive and other violent behavior is not yet fully understood and thus continues to be an important problem of research in the forensic field. In this study, the authors examined emotional self-regulation, conflict behavior, and personality disorders in a sample of 70 violent and non-violent offenders, among which 10 had committed sexual offences. Self report scales and interviews were applied. The differences in (self reported) self regulatory functions found between sexual and non-sexual offenders indicate a better mood management and less vulnerability to threatening and/or stressful situations for those who have not sexually offended. 
Key words: Sexual offenders, self-regulation, emotional experience, personality disorders, forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy

Author address

Dr. Thomas Ross
Forensic Psychotherapy
University Hospital Ulm
Am Hochstraess 8
D-89081 Ulm